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Dry Cleaning

Laundry dry cleaning service in Qatar

At Urbanwash, we understand the importance of immaculate garments and fabrics that make a lasting impression. That’s why we are proud to offer our premium dry cleaning service, designed to cater to your every garment care need. With our meticulous attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure your clothes receive the care they deserve, bringing them back to their pristine condition.

Suitable For

Our laundry dry cleaning service is designed to make your life easier. We offer a wide range of services to meet your laundry needs

Top wears
Bottom wears
Accessories & Homewear

Unparalleled Expertise and Care

Rest assured that your garments are in the hands of highly skilled professionals at Urbanwash. Our experienced dry cleaning specialists are trained to handle various fabrics, With utmost care, we preserve the color, texture, and shape of your clothes, using effective cleaning techniques.


Daily Wears

Shirt Drycleaning9 QAR
T Shirt Drycleaning8 QAR
Ladies Top14 QAR
Short Drycleaning8 QAR
Sweater Drycleaning10 QAR
Bisht Drycleaning75 QAR
Blouse Drycleaning10 QAR
Trouser Drycleaning11 QAR
Jeans Trouser Dryclean16 QAR
Skirt Pleated Drycleaning18 QAR



Trouser Drycleaning Child7 QAR
Shirt Drycleaning Child5 QAR
Suit Drycleaning Child15 QAR
T shirt Drycleaning Child5 QAR
Short Drycleaning Child5 QAR
Pajama Drycleaning Child6 QAR
Bisht Drycleaning Child25 QAR
Blouse Drycleaning Child5 QAR
DishDash Drycleaning Child6 QAR
Skirt Plain Drycleaning Child8 QAR
Simple Dress Infant8 QAR
Simple Child Dress18 QAR
Child Dress Gown40 QAR
Shirt Pleasted Drycleaning Child10 QAR
Jeans Trouser Dryclean Child10 QAR
Sweater Drycleaning Child6 QAR


Traditional Items

DishDash Drycleaning9 QAR
Guthra Drycleaning7 QAR
Pajama Drycleaning8 QAR
Abaya Drycleaning25 QAR
Salwar Kameez Drycleaning20 QAR
Saree Drycleaning22 QAR
Dupatta Drycleaning8 QAR
Salwar Kameez Set Dryclean25 QAR
Kurtha Pyjama Dryclean25 QAR
Shawal Dryclean16 QAR

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Simple Dress Short20 QAR
Simple Dress Long30 QAR
Semi Fancy Dress Short Long40 QAR
Semi Fancy With Simple Designs70 QAR
Semi Fancy Dress With Designs100 QAR
Dress w Frill or Beads200 QAR
Wedding Gown Dryclean500 QAR
Wedding Gown with Extra Details800 QAR
Fancy Long Dress Drycleaning350 QAR

Suits & Jackets

Leather jacket Dryclean60 QAR
Long Coat Dryclean35 QAR
Waist Coat Dryclean10 QAR
Polyfilled Jacket20 QAR
Winter Bulky Jacket40 QAR
Semi Long Coat20 QAR
Leather Short Jacket40 QAR
Suit Drycleaning 30 QAR
Leather Long jacket65 QAR
Leather Skirt Trouser Child Jacket20 QAR


Night & Underwear

Night Gown Drycleaning20 QAR


Tie Drycleaning 
Scarf Drycleaning7 QAR
Western Cap Dryclean12 QAR

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