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Welcome to Urbanwash, one of the premium dry cleaners in Qatar and an industry leader in garment care. At Urbanwash, we take great pleasure in offering superior maintenance for your clothes through an uncompromising commitment to excellence, using our proprietary cleaning methods that give each fabric its desired appearance. As Qatar’s premium fabric cleaning services provider, we guarantee excellence at Urbanwash!

Urbanwash stands out as the best Dry Cleaners in Doha, Qatar, taking garment care to new levels with our unwavering commitment to quality in every service aspect. Paying close attention, we employ advanced stain removal and fabric cleaning techniques as part of our meticulous approach. Our experienced team pays particular care to complex details such as soft silks or rugged cotton garments; beyond simply flawless cleaning, our service extends their lifespan with maintenance that prolongs their lifespan while conveniently being available through professional dry cleaning with eco-friendly delivery; trust Urbanwash for the finest garment care available in Qatar! 

Qatar's Foremost Dry Cleaners, Urbanwash

Urbanwash is Qatar’s premium dry cleaning destination, setting new benchmarks in garment care. Our commitment to quality shines through in every fabric we touch thanks to stain removal techniques and eco-friendly practices; this ensures your clothes receive proper care by paying close attention to each detail. You can trust Urbanwash for quality dry cleaning, enhanced clothing maintenance, and eco-friendly delivery – everything combined for a superior level of dry cleaning service in Qatar; your satisfaction is our ultimate reward.

Why Choose Our Dry Cleaners in Qatar?

Urbanwash of Doha, Qatar, stands as an unparalleled solution for demanding clients looking for the best dry cleaners in Doha, providing unmatched perfection. With extensive experience in fabric cleaning, stain removal, clothing maintenance and eco-friendly practices like dry cleaning equipment use. Trust Urbanwash for professional, thorough, and efficient dry cleaning that revitalizes your wardrobe; experience dedication, innovation, and customer satisfaction under one roof at Urbanwash!

1. Quality Assurance

We uphold the highest standard in our dry cleaning service through regular inspections, guaranteeing excellence and complete customer satisfaction in every facet of our comprehensive offering across Qatar.


We take care of your cloths

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2. Unparalleled Expertise

We take pride in offering unparalleled expertise and providing top-quality care for your garments with precision and professionalism.

3. Advanced Technology

Our dry cleaning operation utilizes cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

High Quality Machineries

Quality Dry Cleaners in Doha

High quality detergents

Professional Dry Cleaners Qatar

4. Comprehensive Services

Our Qatar branch offers complete dry cleaning services, from fabric care and stain removal to careful attention to every detail.

5. Eco-friendly Practices

Our highly skilled dry cleaners in Qatar are experts at stain removal, returning garments to their original state using advanced methods.


Reliable Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery in Qatar

We take care of your cloths

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6. Stain Removal Expertise

Our highly skilled dry cleaners in Qatar are experts at stain removal, returning garments to their original state using advanced methods.

7. Personalized Care

We take great pride in offering tailored care services tailored specifically to the unique requirements and preferences of each garment we manage.


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Schedule pickup and delivery time

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8. Free Pickup And Delivery

Enhance your laundry experience with Urbanwash garment care by taking advantage of our complimentary pick-up and delivery services throughout Qatar, which make life simpler!

How it works

Simply schedule a pickup at your door

Our team will collect your items for dry cleaning

After dry cleaning, we deliver your garments to your location.

Corporate-Ready Dry Cleaners in Qatar

Connect with Urbanwash, your go-to dry cleaner in Qatar! Our unrivaled expertise in fabric care ensures that your employees always look their best. Our seamless solutions cater to hotels and resorts, offices, fitness centers, spas, commercial centers, universities, colleges, and property management companies; plus, we provide hassle-free pickup and delivery for our services!

Hospitality-wise, we are the best dry cleaners in Doha for uniform cleaning services that ensure perfect presentation while simultaneously taking great care in maintaining hotel linens, bedding, and towels to enhance guest comfort. At Urbanwash, our dry cleaning service expertise extends to draperies, curtains, and dining linens, adding an inviting ambiance. Additionally, corporate settings can take advantage of our convenient dry cleaning services, which maintain professional attire such as employee uniforms and suits to maintain an inviting image. Our streamlined bulk cleaning operations will deliver efficient garment care solutions for corporate clothing orders. In fitness centers and spas, we clean workout clothes, spa linens, yoga mats, and locker room supplies to create a hygienic environment. Furthermore, our services extend throughout Qatar for comprehensive garment care solutions – universities, colleges, and property management companies are availing themselves of our comprehensive garment care solutions.

Your Garments Deserve the Best!

Reach Out to Urbanwash Dry Cleaners

At Urbanwash Dry Cleaners in Doha, Qatar, we value customer feedback in terms of comments or ideas, as our goal is for every one of our services to exceed expectations and for you to feel delighted. We hope that’s exactly why our customers love working with us and are satisfied with the dry cleaning services by Urbanwash Dry Cleaners in Qatar!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about our dry cleaning service in Qatar and how everything operates. We are more than willing to assist and arrange a free pickup immediately if that is what you require. Likewise, online searches for the best dry cleaners in Qatar will only take a little time to bring your laundry collection service! We promise!

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Mark Fetalino
Mark Fetalino
Very satisfied on how the shoes were cleaned and washed. Definitely I will be a returning customer.
Joanne Tan
Joanne Tan
Superb service from pick up, cleaning, packaging to delivery of my sneakers. Thank you, Urban Wash team.
hopef4 africhild
hopef4 africhild
It's a welcoming and an elegant place, service like express is available,
Ayaan Ashraf
Ayaan Ashraf
Laundry Urban Wash did an amazing job on my shoes! They made them look like new again. I was so impressed with how clean and fresh they looked after the cleaning. I highly recommend their service if you want to make your shoes sparkle like they're brand new!
Jimmie Abou Fayssal
Jimmie Abou Fayssal
Amazing customer service and they did an great job on cleaning my LV bag. Highly recommended.
Sarah Faheem
Sarah Faheem
Amazing customer service and my shoes are nice and clean! Very happy. Highly recommend
ryan paul pido
ryan paul pido
fast response to any inquiry, kind and nice staff, fast pick up and deliver of the shoes. The shoes was very clean like new. I'm happy for the service and have a free shoes box. Well recommended to others. Thanks urban wash. Till next shoes will be clean.
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