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Shoes and bags are essential accessories that complement our outfits, and they tend to accumulate dirt and stains over time, making them look worn out and dull. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep them looking their best, but sometimes, a more thorough cleaning is required.

Suitable For

The cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of the items to identify any areas that need special attention, such as stains, scuffs, or scratches. The next step is to clean the items using specialized techniques and cleaning solutions that are safe for the materials. For instance, suede shoes and bags require a delicate approach, while leather shoes and bags need a more robust cleaning process.

Women Shoes
Leather Shoes
Sports Shoes

Tips For You

In conclusion, a shoes and bag laundry service is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to keep their accessories looking their best. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your shoes and bags can look as good as new for years to come. So why not give this service a try and see the difference it can make for your accessories?


Formal Shoes

Synthetic/Textile55 QAR
Sude/Nubuck65 QAR
Leather70 QAR
Mixed Materials75 QAR

Sports Shoes

Synthetic/Textile55 QAR
Sude/Nubuck65 QAR
Leather70 QAR
Mixed Materials75 QAR

Designer Sneakers

Synthetic/Textile95 QAR
Sude/Nubuck110 QAR
Leather110 QAR
Mixed Materials105 QAR

Sandals & Flip-Flops

Synthetic/Textile45 QAR
Sude/Nubuck65 QAR
Leather65 QAR
Mixed Materials60 QAR


Synthetic/Textile90 QAR
Sude/Nubuck120 QAR
Leather120 QAR
Mixed Materials110 QAR


Synthetic/Textile45 QAR
Sude/Nubuck60 QAR
Leather60 QAR
Mixed Materials65 QAR

Children's Shoes

Sneakers40 QAR
Formal Shoes40 QAR


Light Restoration+50 QAR
Stain Protection+50 QAR
Sole Protection+30 QAR

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